It's a Big Country

It's a Big Country

It's a Big Country An American Anthology is a 1951 American anthology film consisting of eight segments by seven directors: Richard Thorpe, John Sturges, Charles Vidor, Don Weis, Clarence Brown, William A. Wellman and Don Hartman.


In episode 1, "Interruptions, Interruptions", directed by Richard Thorpe, a professor traveling on a train is asked by a fellow passenger if he too loves "America". The professor then asks, "Which America?" After listening to the professor explain the different aspects of America, the passenger goes to the dining car and, upon hearing an older woman comment how wonderful America is, he asks her, "Lady, which America?"

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    director Charles Vidor Clarence Brown Don Hartman Don Weis John Sturges Richard Thorpe William Augustus Wellman
    editor Ben Lewis Fredrick Y. Smith, A.C.E.
    genre drama
    keywords 1950 census 1950 united states census adam clayton powell jr. african americans american jews annapolis annapolis naval academy attorney general benjamin o. davis jr. benjamin o. davis sr. berry brothers black american black americans booker t. washington boston bravid harris census taker chicago dining car dr. ralph bunche duke ellington eddie "rochester" anderson end ensign ethel waters follow francis rivers franklin d. roosevelt george washington george washington carver greek greek americans hall of fame hear hungarian americans hungarian immigrant irish immigrant irvin mollison jackie robinson jane bolin jesse owens jewish joe louis killed in action korean war lena horne levi jackson lincoln memorial listen louis armstrong marian anderson midshipman military service mrs. emma clement navy new york city new york university new york university\'s american hall of fame newspaper editor newsreel footage nobel peace prize nobel peace prize winner paprika paul williams pauli murray president of the united states public service san francisco school teacher sugar ray robinson travel united states navy wac wash women\'s army corps wound york university young man
    musicBy Alberto Colombo
    producer Robert Sisk
    productionCompany Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
    publisher Loews Cineplex Entertainment
    theme anthology propaganda