The Ginger Bread Boy

The Ginger Bread Boy

The Ginger Bread Boy is a 1934 animated short by Walter Lantz Productions and is among the many films of the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit series. The story mentioned in the cartoon is based on "The Gingerbread Man", published in St. Nicholas Magazine in 1875.


In a living room, Oswald and the boy beagle are listening to a radio, awaiting a program. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a baby dog from another room who is sucking a thumb very loudly. Not wanting to be bothered by the noise, the boy beagle approaches the small puppy and puts a boxing glove on the latter's hand. The two friends resume their waiting at the radio, only to be disturbed again by the bawling baby dog. The boy beagle then comes back to help the little mutt burp as well as giving a diaper change.