The Missing Corpse

The Missing Corpse

The Missing Corpse is a 1945 American comedy mystery film directed by Albert Herman.


The publisher of The Tribune newspaper, Henry Kruger, who is used to ordering his staff around, finds that he is ignored by everyone in his own home. He is shocked when he discovers a scandalous picture of his own daughter, Phyllis, on the front page of the competing paper, The Daily Argus. Henry pays a visit to the dubious publisher of the competing paper, Andy McDonald, and warns him not to ever publish a picture like that again, or Henry will kill him. Henry is unaware of the fact that a man named "Slippery" Joe Clary has overheard his conversation with Andy, which Joe later reveals to him, threatening to expose him. Henry counters by claiming that Andy was the one who got Joe sentenced with his testimony, and that Andy dated Joe's girlfriend while he was in prison.