Under the Raven's Wing

Under the Raven's Wing

Under the Raven's Wing is a 2007 thriller film written and directed by Susan Adriensen and starring Kimberly Amato, Coy Deluca, Kamilla Sofie Sadekova, and Jessica Palette (from Scream Queens). The film was produced by Susan Adriensen and Brian Jude. It premiered at the Full Moon Horror Film Festival in 2007, Fright Night Film Festival in 2008, Dark Carnival Film Festival in 2008 and The Queens International Film Festival in 2008. Under the Raven's Wing was shot with the Panasonic AG-HVX200 in the state of New Jersey. On January 15, 2008, named Under the Raven's Wing the best film of 2007, earning the Golden Fishwrap Award. Distributed in the US on all media in 2009 by Medicine Show Cinema.


A cocky unseen filmmaker (Coy DeLuca) documents three young women about a murder they committed. Raven, (Kimberly Amato) the ringleader, believes in serene dimensions beyond this world and has the power to send you there. After all, she doesn't call it murder. She and her two minions, Angel (Kamilla Sofie Sadekova) and Jessie (Jessica Palette) call it Transcendence and it's the greatest gift to give. These girls want to spread their philosophy and this Director is just the man to do it. His desire to make a movie keeps him involved as he documents and recreates the girls glorious murder night.


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    director Susan Adriensen
    editor Susan Adriensen
    genre horror thriller
    keywords power struggle young women
    producer Brian Jude
    recordedAt New Jersey
    theme psychological thriller