The Greatest Store In The World

The Greatest Store in the World is a book written by Alex Shearer, later made into a made-for-television film which was broadcast on 24 December 1999. The TV movie is usually shown a few times at Christmas on CBBC. It was filmed in the famous London department store Harrods.


The story is told in flashback by Livvy (played by Elizabeth Earl), a bright young girl who is in police custody on Christmas Day. As she is questioned, she reveals that for several days, she and her equally resourceful mother Geraldine (Dervla Kirwan) and younger sister Angeline (Holly Earl) have been living in a department store called "Scottley's" since their camper van blew up. As the story progresses, the family deal with outsmarting staff, in particular Mr Whiskers (Peter Capaldi) the friendly but suspicious doorman, icy deputy manager Miss Greystone (Helen Schlesinger), and Santa (Ricky Tomlinson) and his elf (Sean Hughes). There is also a guest appearance from S Club 7 in an advertising stunt by department store owner Mr Scottley (Brian Blessed). On Christmas morning, Ms Greystone, Santa and his elf attempt to burgle the store safe.