Born to the West

Born to the West

Born to the West is a 1926 American silent adventure film directed by John Waters and written by Zane Grey and Lucien Hubbard. The film stars Jack Holt, Margaret Morris, Raymond Hatton, Arlette Marchal, George Siegmann, Bruce Gordon, and William A. Carroll. The film was released on June 14, 1926, by Paramount Pictures.


As described in a film magazine, Kentucky schoolboys Dare Rudd and Bate Fillmore fight over Nell Worstall, and when the conflict ends both boys bear scars for life. Years later, after Dare moves to Colorado, they meet and again fight. The Dare loves his schoolgirl sweetheart Nell dearly, and learns that her father is in jail on a trumped up charge made by his rival, and that Nell has consented to marry Bate to save her father. The rival with his gang try to get rid of this man, who is saved by his pal. After several exciting incidents in which the young woman is forced to marry the rival, Belle, a dancing girl at the Paradise Bar, knifes Bate after he strikes her, and Nell escapes. The fight between the miner's and their rivals then ensues and the feud between the two rivals is ended in an interesting manner.

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    director John Waters
    genre adventure
    keywords dancing girl force young woman
    producer Adolph Zukor Jesse L. Lasky
    productionCompany Famous Players–Lasky Corporation
    publisher Paramount Pictures