All for Mary

All for Mary is a 1955 British comedy film brought to the screen by Paul Soskin Productions for the Rank Organisation. It was based on a successful West End play by the English husband and wife team of Kay Bannerman and Harold Brooke. It was directed by Wendy Toye, produced by Paul Soskin with the screenplay by Paul Soskin and Peter Blackmore. It starred Nigel Patrick, David Tomlinson, Jill Day and Kathleen Harrison. Eastmancolor Cinematography was by Reginald H. Wyer. The film had an original copyright notice with a renewal in 1983.


Two young bachelors take separate skiing holidays at the same resort. Clive Morton and "Humpy" Miller have nothing whatsoever in common—except for one thing: both men fall for the hotel proprietor's daughter Mary. Clive (a debonair soldier and sportsman) gets quickly into his stride, whilst poor "Humpy" - a clumsy, incongruous fellow - looks on dumbly. However, "Humpy" has a secret weapon: Miss Cartwright, his former nanny, who arrives just as the pair are quarantined in the hotel attic after contracting chicken pox. Quickly realising Humpy's predicament, she skillfully arranges for the removal of the opposition, leaving the way clear for "Humpy".