Neon City (also known as Anno 2053 in Italy, Neonski Grad in Serbia) is a 1991 Canadian post-apocalyptic science fiction film directed by Monte Markham and written by Jeff Begun and Ann Lewis Hamilton, under the pseudonym Buck Finch. The cast includes Michael Ironside, Vanity, Lyle Alzado, Valerie Wildman, Nick Klar, Juliet Landau, Richard Sanders and Markham.


In the 2050s, extensive ecological damage has resulted in largely lawless areas that are controlled by mutant raiders. Harry Stark, an ex-cop who now works as a bounty hunter in the wastelands, saves a woman from mutant outlaws. After she pulls a knife on him, he knocks her unconscious and brings her back to town for her bounty. Captain Raymond, Stark's former commanding officer, tells him that the woman, Reno, must be brought to Neon City to collect his payment. Raymond requests that Stark ride shotgun on a transport that is going to Neon City, but he refuses. When Stark's truck blows up, Raymond claims it to be an act of terrorism by mutants. Stark attacks Raymond, only to be knocked unconscious and placed on the transport with Reno.