Moondance Alexander

Moondance Alexander

Moondance Alexander is a 2007 American comedy-drama film directed by Michael Damian and written by Janeen Damian. The film was released in North America in October 2007. The story is shot on location in Okotoks, High River and Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is based on actual events from the life of Janeen Damian. It stars former Summerland co-stars Kay Panabaker as Moondance Alexander and Lori Loughlin as Gelsey Alexander. The movie co-stars Don Johnson and Olympic-skating silver medalist Sasha Cohen.


Moondance (Kay Panabaker) is faced with the difficulties of her father's passing and her overprotective mother (Lori Loughlin). When she finds a lost pinto horse and discovers his jumping abilities, she convinces his owner Dante Longpre (Don Johnson) to train them to compete in a mop show. With a lot more to think about, Moondance has to worry about her enemy Fiona Hughes (Sasha Cohen) putting her down constantly with her fancy horse Monte Carlo. When they do a surprisingly good job at the show, Dante isn't questioned anymore about his ability to train riders and horses. Everybody is shocked when Moondance ties Fiona, the reigning Bow River Classic champion.

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    contentLocation Colorado
    director Michael Damian
    editor Avril Beukes Bridget Durnford
    events horse
    genre comedy-drama
    keywords jump monte carlo overprotective mother pass train ride
    musicBy Mark Thomas
    producer Brad Krevoy
    productionCompany Motion Picture Corporation of America
    publisher Fox Faith