We Can't Have Everything

We Can't Have Everything

We Can't Have Everything was a 1918 American silent drama film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille and adapted for the screen by his brother, William C. De Mille. The film was based upon a 1917 novel of the same name by Rupert Hughes. Art direction for the film was done by Wilfred Buckland.


As described in a film magazine, very much in love with her husband, Charity Coe Cheever (Williams) discovers that her husband is in love with Zada L'Etoile (Breamer), a popular dancer, and so she divorces him. Jim Dyckman (Dexter), who has always loved Charity since their childhood days, after finding it impossible to win Charity had married film actress Kedzie Thropp (Hawley). When Jim is free but Charity is not, Jim is very disappointed, but both decide to make the best of it. During one of Jim's absences Kedzie meets the young British airman, the Marquis Of Strathdene (Hatten), and falls very much in love with him. Out for a ride one evening, Jim and Charity are forced during a storm to remain in a roadhouse. Here is Kedzie's chance, she sues for divorce and marries her English aviator. The start of the war puts Jim in the trenches in Europe and Charity in a convalescent hospital, they meet again and love finally wins.

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    director Cecil B. DeMille
    editor Anne Bauchens
    genre drama
    keywords best of even film magazine force married
    producer Jesse L. Lasky
    productionCompany Famous Players–Lasky
    publisher Paramount Pictures