Meeradha is a Bollywood film written and produced by Surya Prakash Jethlia, Executive Producer Pappu Ojha, Rakesh S.P. Srivastava and directed by Aashish Sinha. It features Sandesh Gour, Suhani Jethlia, Venus Jain, K Venkat Ramesh, Anuj Pareek in lead roles. The movie was released on 19 August 2016.


The plot revolves around the central characters Krishna, Radha and Meera. The story is based on Krishna's life. He is a modern chap who is careless and wastes a lot of time having fun in life. Meera and Radha are his childhood friends. The three re-unite in college, resulting in a love triangle. Beside this conflict, Krishna struggles to fulfill his dad's dream. The movie then shows how Krishna's life takes him on rollercoaster to find closure in his love, passion and dreams.