Scorticateli vivi

Scorticateli vivi

Scorticateli vivi also known as Skin 'em Alive and The Wild Geese Attack Again is a 1978 Italian Macaroni combat film about a fictional group of mercenaries in Africa. The film was co-written, produced and directed by screenwriter Mario Siciliano that was inspired by the international success of The Wild Geese. The film features extensive reuse of action footage from Siciliano's 1969 mercenary film Seven Red Berets. The film stars South African journalist Bryan Torquil Rostron in his final film appearance. Despite the title, none of the characters are skinned alive in the film.


Rudy, a young man from an unnamed European nation is beaten up by gangsters and threatened with death if he does not pay his debts. Rudy uses deceit to gain enough money to join his half brother Colonel Franz Kṻbler who leads a pack of mercenaries in an unnamed African nation. Rudy finds himself joining the mercenaries to rescue his brother and claim a share of diamonds.

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    contentLocation Africa
    director Mario Siciliano
    genre action
    keywords blood diamond diamond young man
    musicBy Stelvio Cipriani
    producer Mario Siciliano
    theme war