La vendetta di Spartacus

La vendetta di Spartacus

The Revenge of Spartacus or La vendetta di Spartacus (US title: Revenge of the Gladiators) is a 1965 Italian film directed by Michele Lupo. It was shot back to back with Seven Slaves Against the World.


Arminio and Trasone do believe that the legendary Spartacus is still alive and has organized a group of armed men to destroy the Romans . Valerio, Roman legionary, he discovers the deception and attempts to warn those who believe in the false news. The attempt is unsuccessful . After killing the two Spartacists, Valerio and his followers fought against the remaining forces of Arminius, defeating them after a bitter battle.

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    contentLocation Italy
    director Michele Lupo
    keywords roman legion
    musicBy Francesco De Masi