Hack Job is a 2011 American slasher film directed by James Balsamo and produced by Lloyd Kaufman. It stars Dave Brockie, Lloyd Kaufman, & Debbie Rochon. Nightmare Sonata provides music for the film. It was released on DVD on 2011 with plans for a 2012 theatrical release.


After Jack and his girlfriend Macy have sex, he falls sleep. When he wakes up, Macy is gone. He finds blood all over his house and a severed arm in his closet. He is then attacked by a person in a mask, who is revealed to be Macy, who was pranking Jack. However, an actual killer wearing a burlap sack beheads Jack with an axe. He chases Macy, but she manages to hide. She then watches in horror as he places Jack's corpse in a body bag. She accidentally makes a sound, and the killer chases her down and dismembers her before placing her remains in another body bag.