Kit and Kate

Kit and Kate (stylised as Kit ^n^ Kate; ) is a Russian series of animated shorts produced by Russian company Toonbox (whose animation studio and ABC Kids office were later respectively relocated to Cyprus).


The cat siblings Kit and Kate, wondering what to play for the day, get inside a box and discover an item. The siblings then get out of the box and go on an 'adventure' related to the item. However, their 'adventure' often ends in a bad result because of a behaviour of either Kit, Kate or both. Then, either the sibling's mother or father appears, disguised as someone passing by, listens to the siblings, and gives some advice. The siblings, already recognising their parent, thank the parent, and go on their 'adventure' again from the beginning, but doing some things differently as advised, this time ends in a success.


    More details

    director Vladimir Ponomaryov
    genre animation
    publisher Ankama Cartoon Network
    theme animated short