Andaz  अंदाज़

Andaz अंदाज़

Andaz is a 1994 Indian Hindi action comedy film directed by David Dhawan, starring Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Karishma Kapoor and Kader Khan. Other cast members include Raj Babbar, Shakti Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Ishrat Ali, Mahesh Anand, Vikas Anand and Tej Sapru. It is a remake of 1992 Tamil film Sundara Kandam starring K. Bhagyaraj and Bhanupriya.


Ajay (Anil Kapoor) an intelligent ex-student of the S. T. School is appointed in the same school as a teacher. Jaya (Karisma Kapoor), who studies in his class harasses him by playing mischievous pranks. Ajay's refusal to enter into a romantic relationship with Jaya upsets her. She challenges him that she will one day become his wife. In a hurry he marries Saraswati (Juhi Chawla), an illiterate orphan girl. Jaya befriends Saraswati by teaching her everything from cooking to reading and writing. One day, some terrorists attack the school and take the children as hostages. Ajay, Jaya and all are trapped. In between Jaya gives her life to save Ajay, there Saraswati reveals that she knows about Jaya's love for Ajay and asks Ajay to marry her on the spot by putting a mangalsutra around her neck. Jaya refuses saying that she will come back in their lives again, this time as Ajay's and Saraswati's daughter.

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    director David Dhawan
    editor Nand Kumar
    genre action comedy
    keywords cook read teach trap write
    musicBy Bappi Lahiri
    producer Pahlaj Nihalani
    theme action comedy