Girivalam is a 2005 Tamil romantic thriller drama film directed by Shivraj. The film stars Shaam, Richard and Roshini in lead roles.


Arjun (Shaam) heads a dance troupe and Priya (Roshini), one of the dancers in the troupe is in love with him. Their aim is to be the permanent fixture at the hotel of Giriprasad (Richard), a millionaire. They lose the competition but still see their dream realised when the lead dancer in the winning troupe dies. Soon, Giriprasad falls for Priya and his sincerity makes her reciprocate his feelings.


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    director Shivraj
    editor L. Kesavan
    genre drama thriller
    keywords richard roshini win
    musicBy Deva
    producer A. Ahmed
    productionCompany Variety Frames
    theme romantic thriller