Romeo & Juminten

Romeo & Juminten is an Indonesian soap opera produced by Mega Kreasi Films. The show first aired on SCTV on June 6, 2016.


Atmo and Suryo promised each other that when their respective wives gave birth, they would betroth their children to each other. Suryo has a son and names him Romeo, while Atmo has a daughter and names her Juminten. Romeo and Juminten grow up together in the village of Ngawi, where they spend their youth as friends, until one day Suryo receives a scholarship to a school in London. Being a devoted friend, Atmo volunteers to sell his land to help pay for Suryo and his family to make the move to London. The decision to go to London weighs heavily on Suryo, and he wonders if Romeo and Juminten will be given the chance to marry.


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