A Daughter Just Like You

A Daughter Just Like You is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Lee Soo-kyung, Kang Kyung-joon, Kim Hye-ok and Kil Yong-woo. It aired on MBC on Mondays to Fridays at 20:55 for 120 episodes beginning May 18, 2015.


Hong Ae-Ja (Kim Hye-Ok) works as a host at a home shopping channel. She has three accomplished daughters: Ji-Sung (Woo Hee-Jin), In-Sung (Lee Soo-Kyung) and Hee-Sung (Jung Hye-Seong). Hong Ae-Ja's family interconnects with So Pan-Seok's (Jung Bo-Suk) family and Heo Eun-Sook's (Park Hae-Mi) as in-laws.

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    genre drama
    keywords shop
    publisher Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation