The Choir

The Choir is an American dramedy web series created by Issa Rae for the "faith and family focused" YouTube channel "Alright TV". The series, which premiered on YouTube on August 29, 2013, is "a comedic series about the personal, spiritual and often controversial dynamics of a revered church choir". Evette Dionne, writing for Bustle, counted The Choir among the "5 Best Web Series for People of Color" in December 2013.


The series follows the group of African-American choir members in the United Church of Holy Christ in Fellowship, whose declining congregation forces the group to try to come up with a plan to survive. In the course of the drama, romance, intrigue, and political dealings throughout the story, the series explores the everyday life and nuances of the black church, and the relatable human struggles and experiences of its members.


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    genre comedy drama
    keywords everyday life janet jackson lead singer
    publisher YouTube