Shhh! is a 1993 Indian Kannada-language horror thriller film written and directed by Upendra. It stars Kumar Govind, Kashinath and Suresh Heblikar, with N.B. Jayaprakash, Baby Rashmi, Megha and others in support roles. The film also stars Kashinath and introduced Kumar Govind as mainstream hero. It has a cameo by Upendra as a wannabe actor in police costume. This film went on to be a major commercial success. It created a new trend of thriller movies in Kannada cinema. It was also the debut movie of Sadhu Kokila as an actor and music director.


A young boy comes out of his house at midnight to relieve himself, where he hears some leaves rustling in the distance, and looks up to see what it is. His face suddenly bears an expression of horror, and he screams at the top of his lungs. A few days later, a shooting crew led by veteran Kannada director Kashinath is on their way to start filming their newly approved film. For shooting, they have selected Onti Mane Estate, a lonely estate feared in the vicinity. As they try to find their way, they encounter a series of mishaps, which irritates Kashinath. They arrive at the estate, where they meet the estate owner Nagraj Rao. Nagraj Rao's daughter Bharathi keeps playing hilarious pranks on Kashinath and the film's protagonist Kumar. Kumar is instantly attracted to Bharathi due to her outgoing and charming personality and falls in love with her.