Hercules & Xena – The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus is a 1998 American animated action-adventure direct-to-video film starring the voices of Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, Renee O'Connor, Kevin Smith, and Alexandra Tydings, all reprising their roles from the 2 live-action/special effects television series, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys & Xena: Warrior Princess. In the film, Zeus' wife Hera releases the four Titans after eons of imprisonment in a fit of jealousy, prompting Hercules and Xena to join forces and stop her. The film was produced & directed by Lynne Naylor.


Long after Zeus stole the Cronus Stone from the Titans, he and Alcmene gave birth to a son named Hercules, who defeated a Hydra at an early age and became a hero. After Hercules battles a sea serpent and defeats it and is thanked by the local townspeople, Iolaus joins him. Hercules and Iolaus head to Thebes to see Alcmene, fighting a group of highwaymen along the way. Meanwhile, Xena and Gabrielle steal a bag of gold back from a trio satyrs to return to Corinth. Ares appears and tells Xena there is a trap set for Hercules at Thebes. Xena wants Hercules to go because Thebes needs his help. Xena, angered by Ares' intentions to take her as his wife, argues with Gabrielle.