Ektemann alene

Ektemann alene is a 1956 Norwegian comedy film written and directed by Nils R. Müller, starring Lars Nordrum, Eva Strøm Aastorp and Karen Randers-Pehrson.


It is high summer in Oslo. There is an intense bustle on protrusion just before the fjord boat leaves. There is a throng of people on the pier: families who will travel in the country and fathers who will stay at home. Mrs. Rigmor Sande and the two children Vesleper and Titten are all on board and standing by the line. Dad Per Sande, the future lawnmower, is frantically looking for the family's suitcase that has gone astray.

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    director Nils R. Müller
    genre comedy
    keywords oslo
    musicBy Kristian Hauger