Dil is a 2003 Telugu action comedy film that starred Nitin, Neha, and Prakash Raj in the lead roles. Dil was directed by V.V. Vinayak and produced by debutant Dil Raju. The film was a box-office hit. The comedy of the film was appreciable.


Seenu (Nithin) is a new admit at Maharaja College of Arts and Sciences. Nandini (Neha) goes to the same college. Seenu is from a middle-class family, while Nandini is the only daughter of Gowri Shankar (Prakash Raj), a land mafia don. Gowri's assistant suspects them to be lovers after he finds them dancing at the freshers celebration at college. Seenu gets beaten up badly. Irritated by this, Seenu is challenged to win Nandini's love. After few attempts, she falls in love with him. They elope and get married when Gowri tries to separate them. The story takes a few turns before it ends in a happy note.