Zus & Zo

Zus & Zo is a 2001 Dutch film directed by Paula van der Oest. The film follows Nino's impending wedding to a woman despite being gay, sparking conflict among his three sisters who aim to stop the marriage, ultimately leading to revelations about Nino's true identity.


Nino's 33rd birthday is approaching when he surprises his family by announcing his impending marriage in three weeks. This revelation shocks not only his mother but also his three sisters: Sonja, a writer married to Hugo; Michelle, heavily involved in charity work and married to Jan; and Wanda, a single artist who has been having an affair with Hugo. All three sisters are troubled by Nino's decision, knowing he is gay and has lived with Felix for years. They suspect the marriage is solely for the sake of inheriting their late father's hotel, Paraíso, a promise made to Nino if he ever married, despite his lack of romantic interest in women.