She Taxi  is a 2015  Malayalam language film produced by John Arogyaswamy for Abam movies. The film stars Kavya Madhavan and Anoop Menon in the lead roles along with Sheelu Abraham, Ansiba, Tini Tom and Suraj Venjarammoodu. The film is directed by Saji Surendran. The music is composed by Bijipal. The screenplay is based on a story written by Saji Surendran.


The film is centered around the character of Devayani a female taxi driver. She had to take up the job due to the sudden death of her father. She has several problems in her life and was on the search for something that would change her fortune. She takes a trip to Coorg with three college girls. But in parallel to this journey was another troupe, dubbed as 'the bad boys with a mission' which has Joe Joseph, KT Salman, Umesh Pisharadi undertaking a trip. These parallel journeys intersect along the way. Meanwhile during the trip they come to know that Devayani knows Joe Joseph in advance from the trip. Later it is revealed that the college girls were on a search for a valuable painting. The search for the painting takes the group to the beautiful locations of Shimla. There they face different difficulties to reach their goal.


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    director Saji Surendran
    keywords bad boy college girls paint sudden death taxi driver valuable painting
    musicBy Bijibal
    producer John Arogyaswamy
    productionCompany Abam Movies