Summertime (released in the UK as Summer Madness) is a 1955 British-American Technicolor romance film directed by David Lean and starring Katharine Hepburn, Rossano Brazzi, Darren McGavin, and Isa Miranda. The screenplay by Lean and H.E. Bates is based on the play The Time of the Cuckoo by Arthur Laurents.


Jane Hudson (Katharine Hepburn) is an unmarried, middle-aged, self-described "fancy secretary" from Akron, Ohio on her summer vacation, enjoying her lifelong dream of a trip to Venice after having saved money for it over several years. On the vaporetto to her hotel, she meets two fellow Americans, Lloyd (MacDonald Parke) and Edith (Jane Rose) McIlhenny. At the hotel, they are greeted by Signora Fiorini (Isa Miranda), a widow who has converted her home into a pensione. Also staying at the property are Eddie Yaeger (Darren McGavin), a young American painter, and his wife Phyl (Mari Aldon). Jane is pestered off and on during her stay by Mauro, a friendly Italian street urchin.