Magic Cellphone

Magic Cellphone

Magic Cellphone is a 2016 South Korean web series that aired online from Jul 13, 2016 to Sep 14, 2016. The SBS drama is a Korean-Chinese joint venture of the production company Aura Media. It aired weekly on Sohu TV.


The drama revolves around the romance between a man named Oh Tae-ji (Kim Jin-woo), who works at a makeup store, and his first love Lee Ji-hee, who is also known as Latte (Park Min-ji), a new actress who is the subject of attention. They finally meet again when Latte has a fan-sign event at the makeup store where Tae-ji is working at. Later on, Tae-ji will be given a magic cellphone from a mysterious old lady that can be used to protect the person he loves, which is Latte, in the midst of a crisis and he's set on saving her.

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    genre comedy drama fantasy
    keywords first love old lady park min-ji
    theme romantic comedy