Finding Me

Finding Me is a 2009 drama film directed by Roger S. Omeus Jr. The film was released on March 3, 2009, and stars RayMartell Moore as Faybien Allen, a young gay man who must navigate through a series of complex relationships while dealing with everyday struggles.


Faybien Allen is a young gay man of Haitian descent living in Jersey City. Lacking direction in his life, Faybien constantly questions his aspirations as he is not quite sure who he is. Still living at home with his overbearing, homophobic father and grieving the loss of his mother, his self-esteem begins to sink as he works at a dead end job and misses an important job interview. Faybien finds love and support through his friends, Greg Marsh and Amera Jones. Greg, a free-spirited bisexual and an amazing sous chef, is Faybien's best friend. He serves as a voice of reason to Faybien, always telling it like it is through his self-confidence. Amera is an outspoken, aspiring singer with a big heart. She and Greg are polar opposites and bicker as if they were a married couple but both are always there for Faybien in time of need. When Faybien is overwhelmed by the temperament of his father, he finds himself staying with Greg on numerous occasions.