Maazee is a 1997 Maldivian drama film directed by Mohamed Ali Manik. Produced by Feeroz Audio, the film stars Ismail Wajeeh, Jamsheedha Ahmed, Mariyam Nazima, Ali Shimree and Aminath Rasheedha in pivotal roles.


Naeema (Sakeena) a wealthy and reputed woman visits her homeland along with her husband to peace their mind after her unfortunate incidence of giving birth to a stillborn baby. They request Zubeydha (Aminath Rasheedha) to allow her daughter, Neeza (Mariyam Azza) to stay with them in Male' ensuring a prosperous and educated life, promising to love her as their own. Despondent, Zubeydha agreed to their terms concerning for Neeza's future, while Neeza squabbled to stay at the island having the fear of separating with her best-friend Ahmed, whom she hangouts with all day.