Touchdown, Army

Touchdown, Army

Touchdown, Army retitled Generals of Tomorrow in the UK is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Kurt Neumann, written by Lloyd Corrigan and Erwin S. Gelsey, and starring John Howard, Mary Carlisle, Robert Cummings, William Frawley, Owen Davis Jr., and Benny Baker. It was released on October 7, 1938, by Paramount Pictures.


Army University football player, Jimmy Howal, gets a reception far different from what he expected when he enters West Point. His cocky attitude makes everyone opposed to him, especially hot-tempered southerner, Brandon Culpepper, who also sees Howal as a rival for beautiful Toni Denby; daughter of West Point officer Colonel Denby. Howal is failing French prior to the Army-Navy game, and the cadets fear he will be kept from playing because of it. Toni then tutors Howal, but she, unknowingly, uses an old exam which is the basis for the new test. Howal realizes what has happened when he passes the exam with flying colors and suspects Toni of having set out to make a fool of him.

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    director Kurt Neumann
    editor Arthur P. Schmidt
    genre comedy
    keywords fly west point
    musicBy John Leipold
    producer Edward T. Lowe Jr.
    productionCompany Paramount Pictures
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    theme sports comedy