Legend of the Doll

is a fantasy comedy drama Japanese film directed by Toshiro Goto and released in 2006 by VAP. It is part of the Akihabara Trilogy of films revolving around the Akihabara cosplay and otaku subcultures. It was distributed in the United States by Asia Pulp Cinema.


Ryōta, a collector of model figures, receives a box with doll parts from a mysterious shop in Akihabara. After assembling and customizing them, the figurine magically turns into real, android-like, woman named Airu. After learning how to speak more naturally, Airu finds a picture of Ryōta's ex-girlfriend Yuria and tries to understand what happened in their past.


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    contentLocation Tokyo
    director Toshiro Goto
    genre comedy drama fantasy
    keywords how to learn model figure
    theme japanese