The Rushing Tide

The Rushing Tide is a 1927 Australian silent film about the search for a hoard of diamonds. It was not a success at the box office and is considered a lost film.


Harold Wilson inherits a map showing the location of a hoard of diamonds. He sets out to find them with Howard Morrison and his wife. On a lonely stretch of the coast they meet Ruth Jeffries and her father, a fugitive from the police, who has the diamonds. Howard steals the diamonds, kills Jeffries, abducts Ruth, and puts Harold and his wife in an open boat out to sea. Mrs Morrison dies, but Harold is rescued. He tracks down Ruth, saves her from Howard – who has discovered the diamonds are worthless – and marries Ruth.


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    director Gerald M. Hayle
    genre drama
    keywords rescue
    producer Gerald M. Hayle
    productionCompany The Herald
    theme silent