Tähdet kertovat, komisario Palmu

The Stars Will Tell, Inspector Palmu (Finnish: Tähdet kertovat, komisario Palmu) is a 1962 Finnish comedy-crime film directed by Matti Kassila. It is the third film in the Inspector Palmu series and the second one produced by Fennada-Filmi. The novel was written by Waltari through the explicit request by director Kassila. It is also the last film in the series to be shot in black and white. The fourth film was made without Waltari's involvement.


A body is found in the Observatory Hill (Tähtitorninmäki) park in Helsinki. The police are called in, believing him to be a dead vagrant. However, tabloid journalist Nopsanen happens by the scene, leading to the death being publicized in the papers that same afternoon. The victim is eventually identified as accountant and astrologist Fredrik Nordberg.

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    director Matti Kassila
    editor Juho Gartz
    genre comedy crime mystery
    keywords arrest greaser helsinki kill observatory hill
    musicBy Osmo Lindeman
    producer Mauno Mäkelä
    productionCompany Fennada-Filmi
    publisher Adams Filmi
    theme crime comedy sequel