The Road from Elephant Pass

The Road from Elephant Pass

The Road from Elephant Pass is a 2008 Sri Lankan war film, based on the Sri Lankan Civil War, written, produced, and directed by Chandran Rutnam based on the novel The Road from Elephants Pass by Nihal De Silva. It was a Blockbuster in Sri Lankan film history. It stars Suranga Ranawaka and Ashan Dias in lead roles along with Sanath Gunathilake and Joe Abeywickrama. The film's music was composed by Ajit Kumarasiri. It is the 1131st Sri Lankan film in the Sinhala cinema.


A LTTE carder called "Kamala Velaithan" surrenders to the Sri Lanka Army and she was handed over to captain "Wasantha" in order to bring her to colombo IBM headquarters. She has important inside information for the army which would lead to an attack on the LTTE leader. Her brother was killed by the LTTE for trying to desert it. When they started the journey their jeep was attacked by LTTE. So both of them escape from there and arrive in Periyumbutur by a boat. Then, due to the deadly attack faced before, his head is injured. So she wraps his head with a cloth and says not to speak anything. Both pass LTTE & ARMY points and continue the journey. Meanwhile, both fall love immensely with each other.