Vedham is a 2001 Indian Tamil-language romantic drama film. The film has Arjun and Sakshi in the lead roles with Vineeth, Divya Unni, Goundamani and Senthil playing important roles. Arjun is the director of the movie. The film were critically acclaimed. Actor Vishal worked as one of the assistant directors in the film.


Sanjay (Vineeth) and Anitha (Divya Unni) are married couple living in Coimbatore but on the verge of getting divorced. Vijay (Arjun), a friend of Sanjay understands the situation and decides to patch them together. Vijay travels to Sanjay's home and stays with the couple for a few weeks. During their conversations, Vijay keeps describing about his wife Seetha (Sakshi), two kids and his joyful marriage life. Slowly, Sanjay and Anitha understands each other and like to lead a happy life similar to Vijay and Seetha. Finally it is revealed that all the stories told by Vijay are just his imagination, so that it would inspire Sanjay and Anitha. Actually, Vijay was in love with Seetha, but Seetha accidentally passes away before their wedding and Vijay lives with the memory of Seetha. However, he ensures that Sanjay and Anitha do not get to know the truth. In the end, Sanjay and Anitha are united. Vijay leaves to his home in Chennai with the satisfaction of solving Sanjay's problems..

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    director Arjun Sarja
    editor Joel Jayakumar P. Saisuresh
    genre drama saga
    keywords divorce end married couple wed
    musicBy Vidyasagar
    producer Arjun
    productionCompany Sree Raam Films International
    theme romantic drama