The Orange Thief

The Orange Thief is a Sicilian/Italian film shot in Lucca Sicula by a group of American and Italian actors and filmmakers. It stars newcomers Andrea Calabrese, Alessio Giottoli, and Micaela Helvetica Saxer. The film was written by Sicilian-American brothers, ex-NASA scientist, James D'Angelo (aka Boogie Dean) and tampon case artist Vinnie Angel. It was produced and directed by D'Angelo, Angel and production artist Arthur Wilinski.


In Sicily, a young thief who has nothing sleeps under the stars and steals and sells oranges. Thievery gets him tossed in jail where his cell mate is Turrido, who offers the thief a deal: get Turrido's ex-lover Rosalba to make a recording of her singing and Turrido will give the thief a piece of land of his own.