Gendai Yakuza: Yotamono Jingi

is a 1979 Japanese yakuza film directed by Yasuo Furuhata. It is 2nd in Bunta Sugawara's Gendai Yakuza series film.


Three brothers born and raised in a slum. The eldest son Kōichi has grown into a gang leader, the second son Gorō is a lone wolf in the city, and the third son Tōru is alive while throwing himself into a foolish corps. But the ruthless trap of the gang is dragging the blood-splitting brothers into the horrific struggle of hatred and revenge.

    More details

    director Yasuo Furuhata
    genre crime
    keywords gang leader hatred lone wolf
    musicBy Shunsuke Kikuchi
    producer Koji Goto
    publisher Tōei
    theme japanese yakuza