5 Star

5 Star is a 2002 Indian Tamil-language coming-of-age film directed by Susi Ganeshan and starring Prasanna (in his acting debut), Kanika, Krishna, Sandhya, Mangai, and Karthik.


The story focuses on five friends, Prabhu, Elango, Sundar, Indra and Priya at the Madras Institute of Technology, who want to remain friends throughout their lifespan and hope to join the same company after graduation. During a vacation Elango, goes home where he is forced to marry his old-fashioned cousin, Eshwari, by his tough disciplinarian father. Once back to college he hides the fact about his marriage to his friends but later the marriage becomes public when relatives of Eshwari come to visit Elango. While their dream to work together becomes true, Elango alone gets a transfer to Bombay. The friends fight but later reunite. Before Elango goes Bombay the friends force him to visit his wife and put him on a train. But Elango manages to get off the train and from there loses touch with his friends and family in the village.