Mupperum Deviyar

Mupperum Deviyar

Mupperum Deviyar is a 1987 Indian Tamil-language film, directed by K. Shankar and produced by M. Sarojini Devi. The film stars K. R. Vijaya, Sujatha and Lakshmi. It was released on 12 November 1987.


Sivan, Bramma and Vishnu meet and discuss which of the three are more highly regarded among humans. Their wives are pulled into this discussion and each feels that her respective husband is most highly regarded among the people. All three agree that without them, their husbands wouldn't be able to function. The three gods challenge their wives to spend time on Earth without the benefit of their powers. Saraswathy goes in aid of a poet that must compete against an arrogant man. Lakshmi goes to the home of a devout family that faces many problems. Parvathy must raise the orphaned true prince of a kingdom and restore him to the throne against all odds. All of the gods learn to appreciate each other's importance and work together to stop a large threat.


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    director K. Shankar
    editor K. Shankar
    keywords against all odds orphan
    musicBy M. S. Viswanathan
    producer M. Sarojini Devi
    productionCompany Ammu Creations