Legend of the Sacred Stone

Legend of the Sacred Stone

Legend of the Sacred Stone is a 2000 Taiwanese puppetry feature film written and directed by Chris Huang, a spin-off from the glove puppetry wuxia television series Pili. It reflects the traditional Taiwanese style of glove puppetry known there as budaixi, supplemented by computer-generated imagery.


Throughout the storyline within this movie film, 400 years within the past is where it is meant to be taking place. The story begins when a man by the name of Mo Kuei threatens the people to the extent that he will destroy all of Wulin, which had been the forest of residence for the warriors of Wulin. A certain sage by the name of Su Huan-jen had responded to this conflict by summoning three specific warriors from different schools of martial arts to assist him. These three warriors would then wait within ambush for Mo Kuei to gather his spiritual energy amongst the summit of the mountain. The story continues onward in which Lord Jian almost becomes sealed by certain protectors of Wulin. Many conflicts follow this in which Jian loses all of his powers and lusts to find the Sacred Stone to regain his powers.


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    director Chris Huang
    keywords sacred warrior
    theme martial arts wuxia