Steve + Sky

Steve + Sky is a 2004 Belgian comedy-drama film written and directed by Felix Van Groeningen in his directorial debut. It stars Titus De Voogdt, Delfine Bafort and Johan Heldenbergh. The film is set in Kortrijksesteenweg in Ghent, which is known for its many brothels, and follows two 22-year-olds whose lives crosses paths.


Steve is a small-time drug runner, sentenced to time in prison when he is caught after his girlfriend accidentally rear-ends a police van. While in prison he meets Jean-Claude, a wheelchair user, and together they agree to start stealing motorcycles after they are both released. Sky is a drifter, employed in a series of part-time jobs including prostitute and factory worker. There are two encounters between the two, both while at a bowling alley, before they first meet formally, at a brothel that Jean-Claude has opened, as Sky is a friend of Jean-Claude's daughter Charlotte.