Pigs is a 2007 Canadian teen comedy directed by Karl DiPelino. The title refers to the slang meaning of the word pig, an egoist; someone who disregards others' feelings and acts out of self-interest.


Ladies' man and soon-to-be college graduate Miles is a player who keeps journals to record his "conquests." His friend Cleaver thinks Miles should accept a bet: can Miles sleep with enough girls before he graduates, to complete the alphabet (using the first letter in the girls' surnames)? Having already conquered a number of girls with different first letters in their surnames, Miles stands a good chance of being able to succeed. It all boils down to whether he can find and sleep with a girl whose surname starts with an X. Miles' roommate Ben, however will prove to be a problem for Miles, since he has a crush on Gabrielle, Miles' target.


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    director Karl DiPelino
    editor Karl DiPelino
    genre comedy
    keywords college graduate date end sleep than the
    musicBy John Jamieson
    producer Chris Ragonetti
    publisher THINKFilm