Jhoot (; Lie), is a Pakistani television drama series that was aired on 13 May 2016 in Hum TV. It stars Bushra Ansari, Imran Ashraf, Kamran Jeelani, and Mansha Pasha. It aired every Friday at 8:00pm replacing Maan. It ended on 7 October 2016, preceded by Gypsy which was renamed as Dil Banjaara.


The story is of Saleha (Bushra Ansari) and how a lie changes her entire identity, affects her life choices and her decisions for her family. Will her excessively careful nature ruin her children's nature? She has a son, Waqar (Kamran Jeelani), and a daughter, Zara (Mansha Pasha), while her husband lives abroad. Sadaf (Mira Sethi) and Waqar like each other. After Saleha catches them together, she emotionally blackmails Waqar into getting engaged to her niece Farah. Saleha also breaks Farah's engagement and agrees to get Waqar married to Sadaf. Saleha places a condition that Sadaf's elder brother had to come get married to Zara. They refuse this condition and Waqar and Sadaf are separated. Many years pass, and Zara and Waqar remain unmarried due to Saleha.