Nieng Arp

Nieng Arp, with an international title of Lady Vampire and also known as Vampire and Bodyless, is a 2004 Cambodian horror film. The film is based on Khmer folklore beliefs about Arp or Ap, a mythical popular demon which is found in Southeast Asia. The film is directed by Kam Chanthy, a Cambodian-born director who was trained in Thailand.


In the middle of a long night, a young woman and her boyfriend are confronted by a group of gangsters on their way home. The girl is violently raped and her lover is killed by gangsters. While unconsciousness she is possessed by an old witch, immediately making her part of the next generation of Ahp ghosts. After becoming an Ahp, she takes vengeance on the gang that raped her.


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    director Kam Chanty
    genre horror
    keywords battambang field trip kill possess their way young woman
    producer Kam Chanty
    publisher FCI production Cambodia