A Bullet in the Heart

A Bullet in the Heart

A Bullet in the Heart (, translit.Rossassa Fel Qalb) is a 1944 Egyptian drama film directed by Mohammed Karim starring Egyptian actresses Raqiya Ibrahim, Faten Hamama, musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab and actor Seraj Munir. It is based on a novel by Tewfik El-Hakim which was depicted in the 1964 play under the same starring Salah Zulfikar.


Mohsen is a ladies' man. He has a close friend who is a polite doctor. Mohsen meets a lady, Fifi, and falls in love with her. He later discovers that she is engaged to his friend, the doctor. Although she wants to be Mohsen's lady, not the doctor's, Mohsen abandons her—he refuses her love and remains loyal to his friend.

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    director Mohammed Karim
    genre drama
    keywords engage
    producer Mohamed Abdel Wahab