Haunts is a 1976 American psychological horror film directed by Herb Freed, and starring May Britt, Cameron Mitchell, and Aldo Ray. Its plot follows a young woman living on a farm with her uncle, whom she suspects of committing several murders of young girls in the area. The screenplay was written by Freed and his wife, Anne Marisse, and was inspired by a series of repressed memories Freed experienced after his wife witnessed a car accident.


Ingrid is a young Swedish woman residing with her American uncle Carl at his farm in rural Northern California. One night, a local young girl is murdered with a pair of scissors by an unknown assailant. Her killing baffles the town locals. Meanwhile, Bill Spry, a new addition to the church choir in which Ingrid sings, takes an interest in Ingrid, but she is evasive. En route home one night, Ingrid is attacked by a masked figure, but manages to escape. The attack triggers memories of Ingrid's sexual molestation by her father, and the subsequent suicide of her mother. Later that evening, a local woman, Nell, is attacked and murdered in her car following an angry interaction with Bill at a tavern.