Mani Magudam

Mani Magudam is a 1966 Indian Tamil-language historical action film, directed by S. S. Rajendran and written by M. Karunanidhi. The film stars Rajendran, C. R. Vijayakumari, Jayalalithaa,and M. N. Nambiar. Based on Karunanidhi's play of the same name, it was released on 9 December 1966.


A group of revolutionaries from Manimagudapuram raise a revolt against their king and try to establish democracy in their kingdom. However, they do not know that their king is a kindhearted man.


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    director S. S. Rajendran
    editor R. Devarajan
    genre action drama historical
    musicBy R. Sudarsanam
    producer D. V. Narayanasami
    productionCompany S.S.R. Pictures