The Missing Million

The Missing Million

The Missing Million is a 1942 British crime film directed by Philip Brandon and starring Linden Travers, John Warwick and Patricia Hilliard. It is adapted from the 1923 novel The Missing Million by Edgar Wallace. A millionaire is persecuted by a criminal gang.


When millionaire-about-town Rex Walton (Ivan Brandt) mysteriously vanishes on the eve of his wedding, a chain of strange, violent events is set in motion. Intrepid Joan Walton (Linden Travers) assists Inspector Dicker (John Stuart) in the search for her brother. The main suspect is notorious criminal The Panda ("The Prince of Blackmailers").

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    contentLocation London
    director Philip Brandon
    editor Walter Jentzsch
    genre crime
    keywords wed
    musicBy Percival Mackey
    producer Hugh Perceval
    productionCompany Signet Films
    publisher Associated British Film Distributors