My Name Is Juani

My Name Is Juani

My Name Is Juani is a 2006 Spanish drama film written and directed by Bigas Luna.


Juani comes from a very poor background, having grown up in a poor suburban village of Spain. She has problems at home and argues incessantly with her boyfriend, with whom she has been since she was 15. Soon his infidelity and overall uselessness, as well as the limitations of her poor and small town, become unbearable for Juani, a girl with big dreams and aspirations. She and her best friend leave for Madrid in search of a better life. At first the big city, a complete opposite of their hometown, couldn't seem to be a better place for their adolescent expectations of life. But their naïve dreams are soon shattered by the ruthlessness of their dream city. In a visit home Juani almost decides she will not return to Madrid, and will instead come back to old relationships and live again in her parents' house. She expresses these sentiments to her mother who tells her that she loves Juani's father, but always asks herself what her life would have been like had she left, like Juani. After speaking to her mother Juani realizes that she can not give up just because she has been having a hard time in Madrid. In a tearful finale, she decides to return to Madrid with less naïve expectations, hoping to escape the abusive relationship she has with her boyfriend and the future she would have were she to stay in her town. The moral of the story becomes clear: never forget what you set out to get, despite the struggles that come your way, and never give up on your dreams.

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    contentLocation Madrid
    director Bigas Lupas
    editor Jaume Martí
    genre drama
    keywords best friend better life big city big dreams small town speak struggle
    producer Luis de Val